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10UPAD Bluetooth® Communication Cheek Pad System

  • The 10Upad is available in 3 different models for the HJC IS-17 and HJC IS-MAX2 helmets (Sizes S-XL)
  • It offers all of the functionality of a Sena Bluetooth headset, but is completely invisible from the outside of the helmet
  • Take and make phone calls, listen to GPS navigation, stream and share music, talk to other riders through 4-way intercom
  • An impressive 10 hours of talk time allows for more freedom on the road
  • Can be installed into your helmet with ease, creating an integrated HJC IS-17 and HJC IS-MAX2 headset
  • Simply snap in the right and left cheek pads and you’re ready to ride
  • The tri-button control is located at the lower part of the left cheek pad for easy access while riding
  • No longer will speakers and a microphone have to be installed into the helmet, simply place the cheek pads inside of your helmet and you’re good to go
  • Linking with the Sena Headset App (for iPhone and Android) allows you to configure device settings and access our quick guide at the click of a button
  • Can also easily connect to the Sena RideConnected App to intercom with a virtually limitless amount of riders over an infinite range, so long as you are connected to a mobile network

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