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Gauge Pins

  • Used to measure the outside diameter of cam drive gears
  • Precision machined from a high-quality steel alloy
  • Available in .105" or .108" dia.
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • There are two basic differences between 90-99 cam gear sizes and earlier years. The overall range of gear pin measurements (from the largest gears to the smallest) was reduced in '90 from .006" to .003". The large gears are the same size for both 84-89 and 90-99 (green and black color codes). Gear size measurements (over pins) are listed in the 1990 H-D manual using .108" pins instead of .105" pins (as for earlier years). For the same gear, measurement over .108" pins will be approximately .012" larger than for .105" pins. For 92 engines, stock cam gears are interchangeable with earlier versions but gear outer diameters have been reduced by .025".

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