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Cometic is a world wide supplier of custom performance gaskets and seals. We have been in business since 1989 and continue to grow larger to help support a broader range of performance enthusiasts. Everything Cometic makes is made with high quality materials, delivered on time, and offered at a competitive price. This is accomplished through the use of state of the art manufacturing and extremely knowledgeable personnel. We are also committed to continually improve all areas of our operation through employee development and involvement, as well ass frequent review of customer feedback. – Cometic clutch cover gaskets are made to meet and exceed OEM quality. – Custom materials and thicknesses are available. AFM (Aluminum Foam Material) is a chemically blown, compounded nitrile synthetic rubber bonded to an aluminum core with temperature resistance of over 250F. – AFM material has an 85% recovery while maintaining strong torque retention. – AFM does not require gasket sealers or re-tightening. – Available thickness: 0.018″, 0.032″, 0.060″

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