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Hypercharger ES

  • Modern updates in styling and performance for a timeless classic. An integrated electronic servo motor delivers precise RPM-based butterfly engagement. The all-new custom Kuryakyn-designed high-flow Kamp;N filter delivers approximately 10% more airflow than previous models for improved CFM rating, and a new internal "stinger" design on the end cap maximizes airflow to the throttle body.
  • High-quality A380 aluminum housings in three finish options
  • Ergonomic forward-facing design with "ram air" styled inlets
  • Modular design for easy customization with accessory faceplates
  • All-new Kuryakyn-designed high-flow Kamp;N filter with larger surface area offers approximately 10% more airflow
  • New filter with integrated “stinger" design maximizes airflow to the throttle body

  • 5 211 kr

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    Artikelnummer: 10102353


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