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Custom Dynamics - Ljus, LED, framljus, blinkers


Universal Turn Signal Isolator

  • Electronically isolates all turn signal outputs from the vehicle allowing for the use of almost any aftermarket turn signal
  • The additional turn signal load is placed entirely on an auxiliary power source and does not affect current draw on the motorcycle’s turn signal circuit
  • There are no relays or other mechanical devices that are subject to mechanical failure
  • A short circuit on any accessory connected to the TSI outputs will have no impact on the vehicle preventing damage from non-compliant aftermarket accessories, diagnostic trouble codes, and to help protect factory warranty
  • The TSI is a hardwire installation on any motorcycle and is recommended for use any aftermarket turn signal such as Custom Dynamics® Plasma Rods™ or LED License Plate Frames including LED or incandescent bulb products
  • Use Posi-Tap™ and Posi-Lock® connectors (sold separately) for a hassle free installation.
  • Custom Dynamics® recommends the installation of an in-line fuse when power is being accessed from the positive battery terminal
  • Alternatively, use Custom Dynamics® Dynamic Load Isolator (DLI) for a completely plug and play solution to isolate all outputs from the vehicle

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    Custom Dynamics - Ljus, LED, framljus, blinkers

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