PC-V DUC W/O2 M1100 09-11

•Fuel control for each individual cylinder in a smaller enclosure •”Warm up” fuel adjustment (unit reads engine temp and allows fuel/timing adjustments based on the reading) •Reduced size from the PCIII USB •Easy to install •USB powered from computer; 9 volt adapter is no longer needed •Two-position map switching function built in •Can add any Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) switch and toggle between two different fuel maps •Gear/speed input allows for map adjustment based on gear •Analog input allows user to install any 0-5 volt sensor •Builds an adjustment table based on analog input such as boost or temperature •Power Commander V is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for each gear with the gear position input connected •More tuning ranges than PCIII USB •Map switch can be mounted to change between two different maps that have been pre-loaded to the Power Commander V; available separately •Enhanced ”accel pump” utility •For Offroad and ATV, see appropriate catalog under Moose Power Commanders •Made in the U.S.A.

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